Human Rights

Our human rights work focuses on five programmatic areas: Documentation and Monitoring, Legal representation, Advocacy and Security Protection and Storytelling

Documentation and Monitoring

We are engaged in on-going documentation and monitoring of human rights violations that are reported to us

Legal representation and paralegal service

Through our in-house lawyer and a team of external lawyers, we provide pro-bono legal aid service to LGBTI people.


We promote the rights of LGBTI persons in Nigeria through engagement at the national, regional and international human rights bodies.


We use storytelling as a tool to engage and educate the general public on issues relating to LGBT persons in Nigeria.

Security Protection

We offer security and safety information to ensure that human rights violation and mob attacks are kept to a minimum.

Sexual Health

Our sexual health programme focuses on improving access to comprehensive health care services by sexual minorities in Lagos and the environs.

We recognize that living in a homophobic society has a negative impact on the well-being of sexual minorities, so psychosocial support and re-integration services for sexual minorities is an important aspect of the service we provide to community members who faces stigma, discrimination and sometimes violence.

Because we understand that some of our service users have work which are not flexible to allows them access services during working days of the week, our services are available every day of the week at the Lekki Centre to ensure flexibility for service users.

Our Sexual Health work focuses on five programmatic areas: Sexual Health Education, Advocacy, Community Wellness Centre, Psychosocial services and HIV/STI Management

Sexual Health Education

We provide members of the community with sexual health education with focus on HIV/AIDS, and other STI prevention and management.


We embark on advocacy visits to public and private health facilities, health care providers and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen partnership for an enabling policy environment.

Community Wellness Center

Our Centre’s in Ogba and Lekki provides safe spaces for networking, Safer sex commodities pick-up, HIV counseling/Testing Services and management.

Psychosocial Services

We provide psychosocial counseling and services to community members via a one-on-one counseling session, and also via our Toll-free and hotlines.

HIV/STI Management

Our HIV Testing and Services team provides community members with HIV counseling and testing services alongside STI syndromic management

Capacity Building

Our capacity building program offer direct skills building for LGBTI community in Lagos, through advice on education, life skills empowerment workshops as well as a leadership development programme in the Anglophone West African sub-region.

Leadership Development Programme

An initiative to build the capacity of nascent LGBTI activists and organizations in Anglophone West Africa countries.

Sensitization and skills empowerment

We facilitate and conduct workshops to sensitize key stakeholders such as law makers, human rights organizations and health care providers in expanding their knowledge on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

Resource Centre

We also operate a resource centre that provides a range of materials on self-development, sexual health, human rights, educational materials and videos for community members.

Social Media